• Finding that right image

    I have been working on some bigger projects recently that have me really thinking about stock photos and where to find decent ones. It can definitely take some searching to find something good.


    A Bad Stock Photo: Young attractive dangerous Woman aiming gun at goldfish

    Here's a bad example from  www.shutterstock.com. Although they are good for a laugh!

    I generally don’t offer photography anymore more, but sometimes a job calls for some bright visuals to get the message across. Take for example this job I did for wood floor door hanger thing. This client is in the united states, so it wasn’t even feasible for me to even offer photography services. So we tried out some stock images. 

    I found a couple of low-resolution images that I thought worked with the piece and created some mockups of them for the client to see. Once a photo was chosen we went ahead with the final design. It’s clean, modern and a little tongue in cheek. 

     Nationwide Flooring door hanger design

    I’m sure you have heard of the better-known sites, like Shutterstock and iStock. But images can get a little pricy, and that can make things difficult when clients have extremely small budgets. 

    Thankfully, the internet is vast and the resources are many! Here are some of my favorite free or almost free stock photo sites:

    www.pexels.com  "The best free stock photos shared by talented photographers."

    www.freeimages.com "Find and download free stock photos - all free for personal and commercial use"

    www.freepik.com "Graphic resources for everyone Find Free Vectors, Stock Photos, PSD and Icons”

    www.stocksnap.io "Beautiful free stock photos. Hundreds of high resolution images added weekly. Free from copyright restrictions"


    Do you have a favorite site that you use? Let me know in the comments! 

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