• Do you believe in ghosts?

    Last night I attended a book launch at a local haunted restaurant. I never really knew how much haunted history my little city had.

    Sudbury author, Sarah May, celebrated the release of her first book Haunted Sudbury 101 True Accounts of the Paranormal, at the Hour Glass. I’m very happy to have been a part of bringing her book to life. Sarah contacted me last year, about a spooky project she was working on. I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. I worked closely with Sarah to illustrate some of the chilling tales, design the book cover and lay out the book. In the end, some of my cemetery photographs ended up in there as well. Getting together with Sarah to discuss the book was always a highlight of my day because she would always get into detail about new stories she had found.

    Personally, I do believe in ghosts (you may or may not find one of my stories in the book!). I always have, since I was a child. I believe there is life after death, but I also really love the idea that there are still things in this world that are unknown. It makes things more interesting! I really enjoy the book and love the passion that Sarah brings to it. Especially knowing how she collected the stories, spending so much time talking to people, researching and even visiting some haunted locations herself. At the signing, I noticed that the people coming to see Sarah were from all walks of life, which I think shows that this kind of book is appealing on so many levels. It touches on local history and locations, by a local author, and of course is full of paranormal happenings.

    Getting back to the Hour Glass and the book launch, one of the more detailed stories in the book is about the Castonguay murders. The book launch was held on the 61st anniversary of these murders. As part of the book signing, Sarah gave a brief walkthrough of what happened that fateful day, and nationally renown medium Jay Lane was in attendance to give a reading of the house. It was a very fun addition to the night, that I think people in attendance will remember for a long while.

    Congratulations Sarah, on a successful launch, and I hope that this means many more in your future!


           Haunted Sudbury book, posed with a cup of tea

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